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When a customer fills a 48- or 53-foot trailer to capacity, they are said to be transporting a full truckload (FTL).

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Despite the fact that a 53-foot trailer can accommodate up to 30 pallets and 45,000 pounds of freight. Different than partial truckload freight, FTL or (TL) trucking is a viable option for shippers whose loads weigh more than 12,000 pounds or require more than six pallets. 

More than half of all trucking services in the contiguous both Canada & United States is Full Truck Load, making it a viable and cost-effective option for shipping time-sensitive or temperature-controlled cargo.

The Variations between Fast and Slower Travel.

FTL Transport, Full Truckload, (TL), Less than truckload otherwise known as LTL shipping occurs when several shippers split up the available space in a single trailer. Each package will be dropped off at a different location along the route.

This works great for smaller, more frequent deliveries but full truckload services are required for anything weighing more than 20,000 pounds.

In most cases, an LTL shipment will consist of no more than five pallets, all of which will be transported in a single trailer.

A full truckload shipment is one that contains six or more pallets and is delivered to a single customer.
In contrast to LTL transport, which involves multiple stops to pick up and distribute individual shipments, FTL delivery routes only have one final destination.

When shipping freight weighing more than 12,000 pounds, it may be more cost-effective to use rather than LTL, as it only covers the weight range of 151 to 20,000 pounds.

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FTL Canada transportation can be a wise financial choice that will safeguard valuable cargo, even if the shipment doesn’t fill up the trailer to its utmost capacity.

In order to deliver each package to its final destination during an LTL delivery, the truck driver must first make several stops at hubs and distribution centres. 

If your freight needs to arrive on a tight schedule, it’s a faster choice. Since the truck only has one destination, the trip is expedited with less starting, stopping and repacking.

During transport, shipments are loaded only once. This is particularly helpful for trucking perishable or fragile items due to the lack of handling and risk of temperature fluctuation during transport, your goods will arrive in perfect condition every time when transporting a full truckload.

Using a full truckload can help reduce overall shipping costs. After a threshold of 6 pallets or 12,000 pounds,  becomes more cost-effective than LTL shipping because carrier rates for full truckload are lower per unit.

Freight services by the entire truckload is used for shipments of 24 pallets or more and freight weights of 20,000 pounds or more.

Pallet or “skid” sizes are typically 42″x48″ or 48″x48″. Both sizes are roughly 40 pounds and 5-12″ tall. As many as 24 48″x48″ skids, or 26 42″x44″ skids, can fit on a 48′ trailer. It is possible to fit up to 26 standard 48″x48″ pallets or 30 standard 42″x48″ pallets in a 53′ trailer.

As long as the total weight of the tractor and trailer, plus the cargo, does not exceed 80,000 pounds, then the trailer can legally carry up to 45,000 pounds of weight on Canada & U.S. roads.

Manney Transport offers full truckload services to and from the contiguous 48 states.

Even if a shipment doesn’t quite fill up a trailer or weigh more than its maximum capacity, there are still many reasons to use an FTL transportation company.

When you use this method, your shipment will arrive quickly, safely, and affordably. 

If you’re not sure if full truckload shipping is the best option, also possibly deciding on rail transport Manney Transport can help you decide on the right freight services including FTL Canada.

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Your FTL Canada freight will receive the highest level of security in collaboration with Canada Customs and U.S. Customs and Border Protection and other key stakeholders within the international supply chain. Our freight services potential isn’t limited by our trucks’ routes. We broker freight to pre-qualified carriers with long-standing relationships.

Our trusted and simplified cross-Canada and cross-border trucking services (dry-van and heavy haul flatbed trucking) with Full truckload transport and LTL transport put your mind at ease for tight timelines and for costs. Seamless and dedicated transport from ship-to-shore, Manny Transport‘s drayage services and full-service intermodal transport include rail containers too.

Our experienced operations team and dedicated drivers safely haul freight throughout North-America. 

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