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We offer a full suite of products for transporting freight by land, rail, and sea, and our truck-equivalent containers ensure that our customers never have to choose between available transport options.

Manney Transport has a long history of organizing transport by land, sea, and air with expert personnel in the Canadian logistics industry.

The Port of Vancouver’s approval and our established working relationships with reliable trucking, rail, and maritime carriers give us a leg up on the competition.

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Trans-loading & Drayage Services Surrey BC

The transportation of freight over short distances is known as “drayage,” and it is a specialized form of logistics.

To put it simply, it can’t be separated from intermodal transport. The container shipping industry includes drayage services.

In the context of transportation, the term “drayage” can also refer to a specialized service for moving large containers by truck, ship, or rail. Drayage is an essential part of transporting cargo by ship. 

What kind of transport system exists to transfer cargo from rail cars to ships?

In addition, how does a container get from the rail to the truck? Everything is transported by drayage.

Those who transport drayage must be licensed and bonded appropriately.

Containers are moved in and out of storage facilities, rail terminals, seaports, and harbours by drayage companies. 

This usually entails unloading and loading massive steel shipping containers onto truck trailers from rail cars and ship decks.

Following this, the container is hauled to a storage facility where it will remain until the next phase of the intermodal shipping process is ready to begin.

Drayage functions within a larger logistics framework.

Our trusted and simplified cross-Canada and cross-border trucking services to put your mind at ease. Manny Transport is a leading carrier with dry-van and flat deck transportation.

Our experienced operations team and dedicated drivers safely haul freight throughout the country.

We broker freight to pre-qualified carriers with whom we have established long-term relationships.

In collaboration with Canada and the United States Customs and Border Protection, as well as other key stakeholders in the international supply chain, your freight will be secured to the highest level possible.

Our potential is not limited by the routes of our trucks.

Manney Transport Trucking Services
Less Than Truckload (LTL) Freight

Instead of renting a full vehicle for a single small load, the LTL provider can save money by combining multiple clients’ shipments, a service known as assembly service.

Profitability in less-than-truckload shipping requires careful planning and close collaboration.

Trucks, we believe, are most effective when used for the first and last miles of a freight service journey, picking up and dropping off cargo in less-industrialized or even remote areas before handing it off to trucks, trains or vessels that can move multiple loads at once more efficiently.

Thus, containerships use 40-foot containers that can carry 20 pallets and can be transported by road, rail, or sea.

If you have enough goods (which can be liquid or bulk) to fill an entire truck, or if you need a dedicated truck for a partial load because of safety or security concerns, you are shipping a full truckload. 

Full Truck Load (FTL) optimization increases truck utilization, decreases overall transportation costs, reduces the number of deliveries, decreases empty mileage (as a result of shipping less air in a trailer), and decreases the impact on the environment through reduced CO2 emissions.

Fast national and international freight services inc across Canada and the United States are guaranteed by our fleet of trucks and carefully selected local partners.

Our freight brokerage services prioritize the use of multimodal transport to get your cargo to its destination quickly and easily.

Among the freight shipping modern and specialized vehicles in our fleet are container trucks and trailers. They have GPS tracking for safety and so that their status can be reported at any time.

FTL Transport, Full truckload, TL
Intermodal Transport

Multimodal and intermodal transportation both involve using more than one mode of transport to carry goods from point A to point B.

Transport may involve trucks, trains, barges, ships, or a combination of these. Both options may also imply that multiple companies provide service on each leg of the trip.

The entire trip can be covered by one contract in multimodal transportation. If multiple carriers are used to complete the delivery from origin to destination, the responsibility for the delivery rests with the last carrier.

Each leg of an intermodal journey is covered by a different contract. This means that the responsibility for the shipment’s safe arrival rests with more than one party.

If you’re going to use a carrier for your goods, you should know the difference and be able to clearly communicate your needs to the company you hire.


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Your freight will receive the highest level of security in collaboration with Canada Customs and U.S. Customs and Border Protection and other key stakeholders within the international supply chain. Our freight services potential isn’t limited by our trucks’ routes. We broker freight to pre-qualified carriers with long-standing relationships.

Our trusted and simplified cross-Canada and cross-border trucking services (dry-van and flatbed trucking) with FTL transport and LTL transport put your mind at ease for tight timelines and for costs. Seamless and dedicated transport from ship-to-shore, Manny Transport‘s drayage services and full-service intermodal transport include rail containers too.

Our experienced operations team and dedicated drivers safely haul freight throughout North-America. BC Trucking Association 

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We have sustainable Door-to-Door Solutions.

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