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We have the capacity to destuff containers in both of our yards in Vancouver BC, which is C-TPAT certified, and in Toronto, Ontario.

With our new port container drayage service division servicing all pacific northwest ports in Vancouver BC, Seattle & port of Tacoma, WA rail yards.

All our freight services are quick and simple to use, allowing you to send rail cargo at the most affordable prices…

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Container Drayage From All BC Port & Rail Terminals

Transloading is the transport of large containers from one mode of transportation to another in order to save your business time and money. 

A critical link between ocean-to-road freight transfers of pallets or large cargo to destinations within BC or cross-border to the US.

Some of the benefits of using drayage services include time and cost efficiency, door-to-door service, and the handling of customs and documentation requirements.

It can also help to streamline the supply chain and reduce the risk of delays or disruptions.

In Vancouver, the transloading process usually involves transporting a 53-foot shipping container from the Port of Vancouver to a freight-handling facility where the cargo can be transferred to a domestic container or flatbed trailer to continue the journey by truck.

We offer local container services to the Greater Vancouver area. We provide long-haul drayage to meet our customer’s needs.

Our trans-loading facility, located just in the middle of Surrey, has transloading equipment. 

Find our specialized team handle anything from standard palletized freight to large pipes, machinery, equipment, and unique materials. You can rest assured that we have the experience to safely and efficiently move your freight.

Among the top drayage companies in Canada, Manney Transport can also ensure cost savings for your company by reducing storage and consolidating goods while quickly moving your freight to outbound trailers.

Our fleet of trucks is outfitted with tandem and tridem 20′, 40′, and 53′ extendable container chassis, as well as reverse B-Train chassis, which are owned by the company. 

Services Include:

  • Unforwarding of ocean imports
  • Point to Point shipping
  • Full North American coverage
  • Commercial and personal effects

We operate more than 50 trucks every day to meet your transport needs across Canada and work inside your operational and reporting structures since we are adaptable, knowledgeable, and familiar with the guide. 

We transfer your containers to and from the ports and rail yards in the greater Vancouver area and harbor drayage in Tacoma.

Let’s talk about an often overlooked but incredibly important aspect of the shipping and logistics industry. Turnkey solutions are produced by combining our container activities. 

One of our flourishing businesses is transporting sea and domestic intermodal containers to and from the rail yards across Canada and some ports in the United States. 

We combine transload services with our coast-to-coast capabilities at our Halifax drayage, Montreal drayage, Toronto drayage, and Vancouver drayage storage sites.

What are drayage services?

This refers to the transportation of shipping containers and cargo over short distances, typically between ports, rail yards, and warehouses.

What does drayage include?

Drayage shipping companies specialize in the movement of shipping containers and cargo within a certain geographic region.

The drayage cost is often inclusive as they are responsible for coordinating the pickup and delivery of containers, as well as handling customs and documentation requirements.

What is the difference between drayage and cartage?

In transportation and logistics, drayage and cartage relate to various parts of the operation.

It involves moving products between a port or rail terminal and a nearby warehouse or distribution hub. Containerized cargo is transported using port drayage trucks.

It can also mean moving items within a port or rail station, such as containers from a ship to a storage area.

How does it work?

Cartage, on the other hand, transports goods within a city or metropolitan area over a shorter distance. Local delivery and pickup usually use vans or trucks. It involves moving products between transportation hubs or storage areas, while cartage involves moving goods inside a city or metropolitan area.

What are the benefits?

Some of the benefits include time and cost efficiency, door-to-door service, and the handling of customs and documentation requirements. It can also help to streamline the supply chain and reduce the risk of delays or disruptions.

There are some risks. 

Some potential risks and challenges of using local drayage services include the possibility of delays or disruptions, the risk of damage or loss to cargo, and the need for insurance and liability coverage. It’s important to carefully evaluate these risks and take steps to minimize them when using freight drayage services.

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Your freight will receive the highest level of security in collaboration with Canada Customs and U.S. Customs and Border Protection and other key stakeholders within the international supply chain. Our freight services potential isn’t limited by our trucks’ routes. We broker freight to pre-qualified carriers with long-standing relationships.

Our trusted and simplified cross-Canada and cross-border trucking services (dry-van, Heavy Haul & Flat Deck Trucking) with FTL transport and LTL transport put your mind at ease for tight timelines and for costs. Seamless and dedicated transport from ship-to-shore, Manny Transport‘s full-service intermodal transport includes rail containers too.

Our experienced operations team and dedicated drivers safely haul freight throughout North-America including Vancouver to Halifax container delivery.

We are active members of the Freight Carriers Association and BC Truckers Association

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